Medicare and Social Security Reform

Compassion and Fairness - The Common Sense Approach

" I can't imagine anything worse, or anything better, to sap someone's self-reliance, than to be sick, alone, broke--or to have saved for a lifetime and put it out in a week, two weeks, a month, two months.

They are willing to contribute during their working years. That is the important principle which has been lost sight of. "

President John F. Kennedy: "Address at a New York Rally in Support of the President's Program of Medical Care for the Aged.," May 20, 1962.

Strengthening Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Steve supports desperately-needed fixes to the Medicare Part D prescription drug program by giving Medicare the authority to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry.

Seniors Fraud Prevention Act

Steve supports this bipartisan bill that will combat financial fraud designed to target seniors. The legislation will establish a Federal Trade Commission office devoted to tracking scams that target seniors and working with law enforcement to protect our communities from fraud.

Maintaining Medicare Advantage program

Steve is a strong advocate of the enhanced benefits provided under this program, such as protection against high out-of-pocket costs, vision and dental coverage, and screenings not covered by traditional Medicare.

Protecting Durable Medical Equipment

Steve is also supporting the need to keep durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, orthotics and prosthetics available under Medicare and to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries have access to physical and occupational therapy services, including the permanent removal of Medicare's arbitrary therapy caps that prevent some beneficiaries from obtaining the rehabilitation services they require.

Reforming Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)

Steve supports amending the SGR mandated by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, which under the status quo requires Congress, to reduce physician reimbursements. SGR should be replaced with a solution which rewards physicians based on the quality of care they provide to Medicare.

Guaranteed 3% COLA for Seniors Act

Steve is an advocate of this bill which ensures that every senior is guaranteed a reasonable cost-of-living increase annually by basing COLA increases on the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E), which specifically accounts for seniors' typical expenses to measure inflation. Using the CPI-E would allow the government to more accurately base COLAs on the true living costs that seniors face. The bill provides for a minimum 3% COLA every year, even if the CPI-E COLA falls below this amount.